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October - Breathe Easy

Luxury Wellness Retreat 

 New date. With all of our retreat places fully subscribed this year we have added in this new date .. with one of our most popular retreat themes. You should come. You will be so welcome. 


It is often the simplest things that can make the biggest difference.

The way you breathe has a profound effect on your nervous systems which in turn influences every system of the body.  Breathing is so basic its easy to ignore.  Yet the benefits of optimal breathing are fast and far reaching.   One of the simplest things we can do to lower stress hormones in the body and bring ourselves into a space of optimal performance is to use simple breathing practices.  Join us to breathe easy and explore what more is possible.  


We all are capable of creating greater levels of calm and accessing more of our personal power than we do right now.  This luxurious and truly nurturing next level award winning Wellness Retreat and leading edge content is a powerful and potent way to explore what is possible in the best version of you.  


The process of breathing is the most accurate metaphor we have for the way that we personally approach life, how we live our lives, and how we react to the inevitable changes that life brings us.

Donna Farhi

Dates & Times 

Friday 21 October (programme starts from 3pm and guests welcome to arrive from 11am) to Sunday 23 October (programme ends by 2pm and guests welcome to leave by 4pm).   Add on option available for an extra night to arrive Thursday from 3pm. 



Prepare to be blown away.  The various ways you can breathe can have a profound effect on your cognition and health.  The way we chew and breathe literally can change the structure of our face and jaw, expand airways and allow us to hack into the default mode network of the mind.  


Breathe EASY

“Breathing effects your respiratory, cardiovascular, neurological, muscular systems and also has a general affect on your sleep, memory, ability to concentrate and your energy levels.”  Donna Farhi - The Breathing Book 

The science of breathing stands on ancient foundations. Centuries of wisdom instructs us to pay close attention to our breath and modern science has widely verified the far reaching health benefits of good breathing practices. Perhaps because it seems so simple it can be easy to ignore. Come and immerse yourself in the process of breathing and explore the benefits this can bring to your life.

On your retreat you will have on offer nourishing daily breathing workshops, mindfulness, yoga, mantra and qi gong. You will explore and practice multiple meditation techniques. You will experience the benefits of the deep rejuvenating practice, Yoga Nidra alongside Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing. 

In addition to the breathing workshops you will enjoy food chats and vibrant company. Balanced with periods of silence to encourage reflection and mindfulness. You will have plenty of free time to relax and make the most of our beautiful venue and surroundings. Our menu of activities is entirely optional and you can join in on as little or as much as nourishes your soul. 

Your whole body will thank you.  You’ll learn new tips and tricks to incorporate back in your daily life. Cleansing the inside to glow on the outside. Keeping your body and mind in great shape to create and maintain a healthy, nourishing and inspiring lifestyle.

You’ll walk away with a new sense of inner peace and greater sense of meaning, purpose and wellbeing. You’ll take powerful tools and insights back into daily life so that you can live your life with a sense of ease, passion and peace.


The BREATHE EASY Content Includes -

  • Learn to use the breath to relax, focus and bring health, clarity and vitality in your life. Use the breath as a tool to connect more deeply to your mind and body
  • Discover a range of science-based breathing techniques that are easy to pick up and perfect for everyday use.
  • Learn basic and advanced breathwork and meditation techniques by tapping into the power of your breath.
  • Learn how to charge up your energy levels and experience better focus, productivity and performance.
  • Become conscious of how you are breathing with a base line assessment of your breath and experience the fundamentals of how to become a better breather.
  •  Gain an understand the physiology of breathing and stress.
  • Choose the right breathing technique to use in a variety of situations including for better sleep.


You’ll walk away with a deepened sense of inner peace and greater sense of meaning, purpose and wellbeing. You’ll take powerful tools and insights back into daily life so that you can live your life with a sense of ease, passion and peace.


“When the breath wanders the mind is unsteady, but when the breath is calmed, the mind too will be still.”  

Hatha Yoga Pradipika, 500-year-old yogic text 


Be A Part of the Bigger Picture

10% of profits help fund the teaching of Mumma Soulfood Prison Mindfulness Programmes with former inmates from Mangaroa Prison and Community Support Mindfulness with Kate McLeay.


About the Food & Fare

 Our food is full of nutrients, seasonal, fresh and prepared with great love and care. Our food is wheat free, meat free, dairy free and refined sugar free.  Usually predominantly plant based. Local produce, organic and home grown from our vegetable and apothecary gardens where possible.  Our signature wellness retreats are alcohol free.  We serve a range of nourishing medicinal drinks to heighten health and aid digestion - smoothies, juices, fire cider and kombucha home brews, Chinese and local tonic herbs.



A nourishing blend of relaxation, movement, meditation, delicious organic seasonal food, learning & most of all time to put yourself first. Hosted at the luxurious Cape South Country Retreat and Wellness Centre facilitated by Kate & Cam McLeay and a team of her favourite local legends.   


An opportunity to step out of life’s routines and dedicate real time to putting yourself first. Over the retreat we will share wisdom on holistic wellness and how to positively enhance this for more clarity, ease and enjoyment of life. With decades of experience in education, hospitality and adventures we’ve seen the profound changes these experiences can bring and what happens when people take time for themselves.


A menu of activities over the weekend is available to choose from, along with plenty of time to rest, connect and rejuvenate.  Attend all on the schedule or select what makes your heart sing.


Maximum 8 Rooms - be in quick!


What's Included

  • 3 day retreat with 2 nights luxury accommodation
  • All meals, snacks, coffee & herbal teas, smoothies, purified water, homemade kombucha shots
  • Nourishing movement classes including Yoga & Five Treasures Qi Gong
  • Mindfulness & Meditation with instruction and support to establish a daily routine
  • Two educational wellness workshop sessions
  • Food talks & a food demonstration
  • A guided walk
  • Full access to all Cape South facilities -gym, magnesium pool, Infra red sauna, hot tub, grounds
  • All yoga equipment
  • Access to spa treatments at a preferred rate
  • Options to extend your retreat at a special rate to a 4 day retreat
  • Take home Qi Gong practice


The Investment 

3 Day, 2 Night Retreat 


3 day, 2 night Retreat (twin or double share) $1170 per person 

3 day, 2 night Retreat (single occupancy - own room) $1740

3 day, 2 night Retreat (triple occupancy for a trip booking together) $960 per person 

3 day retreat (non residential) $750


Make Your Retreat Longer

We highly recommend you stay an additional night.  Unpack.  Unwind.  This additonal night includes full board service (welcome bite, dinner and breakfast), a selection of teas, 2 yoga classes, 1 meditation practice, an opportunity to pre book a Friday morning spa treatment, full exclusive retreat use of this incredible retreat venue.  


4 Day, 3 Night Retreat

3 night Retreat (twin share) $1700 per person

3 night Retreat (own room) $2300 

3 night Retreat (triple occupancy) $1490 per person 


"Breathe deeply, until sweet air extinguishes the burn of fear in your lungs and every breath is a beautiful refusal to become anything less than infinite."   
D. Antoinette Foy 



A deposit of $500 is required to secure your place.   Balance of payment 30 days before.  Payment plans available.  Payment by credit card (on this site for deposit) or bank transfer.  



A menu of massage, and treatments are available to pre book with superb therapists and practitioners. Airport transfers are $115 each way.  If you are adding on extra nights then additional activities of guided hikes, beach trips, surfing or surf lessons, horse riding, mountain biking, biking the trails and wine tours can all be arranged as add on to your stay.


About the Venue

Cape South is a stunning, totally unique luxury retreat located only 8 minutes from Waimarama Beach, 20 minutes from Havelock North or just 40 minutes from Napier Airport.  The gracious 8 ensuite bedroom French Colonial style homestead & cottage is situated on 16 acres of grounds and gardens with expansive views of the coastal hinterland.   Retreat facilities include a mineral pool, gym, spa, infrared sauna, yoga studio, apothecary, medicinal herb and permaculture vegetable gardens.  The venue offers the ultimate luxury escape for a true exploration of wellness.  


About the Team

Kate McLeay

Kate has been a teacher in many forms her whole adult life. Starting as an early childhood then primary school teacher and went on the become an International School Principal, advisor, board member and teacher trainer. She gave up her day job for her passion In wellness after years of study in yoga, meditation, mindfulness and holistic healing through massage and energy medicine. She has now led classes, retreats and workshops in wellness for well over a decade. She loves to share her work to a diverse range of audiences - workplaces, hospitals, schools and prisons.. to you.  She loves how the magic of simple wisdom equally reaches all who choose to walk this path.

 "Thankyou Kate.  You are a very special person.  You have an amazing talent to bring a group of strangers together and have them leave as good friends.  I was apprehensive about doing a retreat like this but loved every minute.  Thank you again for sharing so much, you really do make a difference and have a wonderful gift." JS


 Cam McLeay

 Cam is a character of note who loves people and sharing stories of his adventures and passion for wellness and nature.  Cam is a qualified chartered accountant who has spent more time on rivers and in wild places than at a desk.  He is a world renowned rafting guide and adventurer having navigated the Nile river from Sea to Source, establishing a new "longest source" of the Nile in Rwanda.  Featured on the whole fourth episode of Joanna Lumley's Nile as well as over a dozen documentaries he also signed the programme and supported many film gigs including Top Gears East Africa adventure.  Cam loves the outdoors but is a long time dedicated yoga and meditation practitioner.  With over 2 decades of regular daily practice he loves how these simple powerful tools keep him on his bike, surfboard and on mountains and rivers.  


“Cam was a real highlight of our retreat.  We would have loved to have more time with him.” KE


The Dream Team

Over the retreat you will also be looked after by additional members of our dream team.  A private chef & helpers, massage legends and beauticians, folk to be here to hold space for you to be nourished and cared for over the course of your retreat.




"The retreat was beyond even my highest expectations.  I have never felt so instantly welcomed, relaxed and nurtured before.  I will not soon forget the lessons, the people and the life changes out of this weekend.  I will be back,"  Laura


"The retreat with Kate and her amazing team was a weekend of of total bliss and healthy indulgences. Kate presents and teaches her wisdom in such a fun and casual way that you don't even realise how much new information you've taken on until you are back in your normal life.  Its then that you realise you can integrate the wisdom from the weekend in the everyday. "  Ginny


“I adored the weekend so much. I feel so full and enriched from the experience and from you! You have something truly special there. Such beautiful people you surround yourself with. I will be back.” LD


"I signed up for a four day retreat not knowing what to expect having never meditated or practiced yoga or qigong before.  I also hadn't gone without meat or dairy as a part of my daily diet before. I am now sold on the benefits of meditation, yoga and qigong not to mention how amazing I felt after this short tine on a plant based diet.  I thoroughly recommend attending a wellness retreat with Kate and Cam and their great team."  Anna Hutchinson



To Book

 To secure your booking head online to www@katemcleay.comto pay your deposit to secure your place.  Alternatively you can pay on invoice via bank transfer, cheque or cash.  With any queries email or call Kate on 0212229372.



Your whole body will thank you, and you’ll practice and embed simple yet powerful tools to incorporate back in your daily life. Cleansing the inside to glow on the outside.  Keeping your body in great shape to create and maintain a healthy, nourishing and inspiring lifestyle.

 You’ll walk away with a new sense of inner peace and greater sense of meaning, purpose and wellbeing. You’ll take powerful tools and insights back into daily life so that you can live your life with a sense of ease, passion and peace.


“Improper breathing is a common cause of ill health.  If I had to limit my advice on healthier living to just one tip, it would be simply to learn how to breathe correctly.  There is no single more powerful – or more simple – daily practice to further your health and wellbeing than breathwork.  Practicing a regular, mindful breathing exercise can be calming and energizing and can even help with stress-related health problems ranging from panic attacks to digestive disorders.”

Dr. Andrew Weil, Integrative medicine physician & Author