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FULLY BOOKED January Full Moon Workshop & Ceremony 2021

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Take a moment to honour where you stand today.
I am excited and deLIGHTEd about the location of this event. Hosted at the gorgeous Cape South Studio Shala near Waimarama - overlooking the Pacific Ocean in the distance off Waipuka (Ocean Beach) - where I was organised my first moon centred event in November 2015.
I take a moment to honour where I stand today.  Grateful.  Blessed.  Called to gather with you on this upcomingFull Moon.
Will you join me on this upcoming full moon workshop and ceremony? To take precious powerful time to honour yourself and where you stand. To collectively create the magic of remembering your hopes and dreams. To stand in your power embracing all that you are and have been. All that you will be. To collect your wisdom and release what’s no longer serving you. To call in abundance. To reinforce your collection of tools for peace and power to walk forward with confidence into 2021. You should come. You are worth it.
❤️ About this Full Moon
There is some dazzling energy that comes with this Full Moon. This Leo Full Moon reaches its peak on the 28th-29th of January, followed by the first Mercury Retrograde of the season on the 31st of January.
This Full Moon is drawing into manifestation a cycle that started during the Lionsgate period in August 2020. A time of big energy. Many joined me in person and online ZOOM to mark this moon tide energy portal. I’m excited to bring that home.
This Full Moon is calling us to STEP UP into new understanding of self, new levels of self love and understanding of self along with self-expression. There is a streak of rebellion within this moon that is used best when honoured and channeled consciously. With the looming Mercury in Retrograde we will close out old cycles of behaviour or repeating patterns and polish our tools for peace and manifestation to take away.
While this energy is mixed and potent, this is a powerful portal to reinforce your confidence and to step into a leadership position in your own lives.
At the apex of the January Full Moon come and join Kate McLeay for a Full Moon Ceremony and workshop.
This will include :

🌕 Ceremonial welcome
🌕 Sanskrit blessing and sage ritual
🌕 Sunset Qi Gong overlooking the ocean
🌕 Virtue oracle cards
🌕 an energy healing, Chakra activation for awakening of intuition
🌕 A ceremonial Sacred Soundscape and Guided Meditation Yoga Nidra Ritual
🌕 Solfeggio Frequencies and Tibetan Singing Bowls.
🌕 information about the Maharishi Effect, the Leo full Moon and mercury in retrograde
🌕 A 21 day tool to call in Abundance
🌕 A 21 day tool to work with “wild card” triggers
🌕 A breathing tool for calm
🌕 A mindfulness tool for dealing with difficult emotions
🌕 A light treat to follow featuring tea blended by master herbalist Kaye Keats from Cornucopia Organics and a sweet treat from the rockstars Hapi in Napier.
This Full Moon experience holds the intention to welcome change and invite in balance, abundance, strength and peace. Offered to each heart present and sent out to our world.
Thursday 28 January
6pm - 8:30 at Cape South Studio, 55 Waipuka Rd, 8 minutes from Waimarama.
Yourself. A crystal for the alter if you wish and a journal and pen.
We have yoga mats, bolsters and blankets and water .. but feel free to bring your own if you wish.
Sliding scale
$40 to $50 depending on your resources. Price includes GST.
Booking with pre payment is required to secure your place. Payments to Sage & Soul Ltd 38 9022 0321594 00
Click “going” and PM Kate @ Mumma Soulfood or text 021 2229372. Bookings will be confirmed with payment.
You should come. You will be so welcome.
Much love,
Ps: you are beautiful
Want to know more?
❤️ Solfeggio Frequencies
Solfeggio Frequencies make up an ancient 6 tone scale used in sacred music including the beautiful and well known Georgian chants. Each solfeggio tone is comprised of a frequency required to balance your energy and keep your mind, body and spirit in harmony.
Tibetan Singing Bowls have been used for centuries as a powerful tool for healing and meditation purposes. They create a range of sounds to restore the normal vibratory frequencies of diseased and out-of-harmony parts of the body, mind and soul. Sound has been lauded as the healing of the future- as its enormous potential to bring peace and wellbeing is being widely studied and verified scientifically.
A University of California study to examine the potential effects of a singing bowl meditation reported a significant difference was found in all end points of the study showing-
✅ Better mood
✅ Less tension
✅ Decrease in Anger
✅ Relief from depression
✅ Less anxiety
✅ Less physical pain
✅ Improved spiritual well-being
The Cycles of the Moon too have long been recognised as auspicious times and celebrated in Yogic, Buddhist, farming and gardening traditions. "As above, so below". Like the tides and oceans you may too feel the power of the gravitational pull of the moon?
While each Moon has its own character and speaks differently to each of us, the Full moon is a time of heightened energy, action and emotions. The energy of a Full Moon (3 days before and 3 days after peak) are an opportune time to refine, formulate and formally state and charge heartfelt intentions with power. We're always setting intentions and this is a way to approach this in a conscious way. There is power in coming up with visions for our life, and keeping them in our sights as they come into being.
The Full Moon can heighten emotions, both good or bad, and can potentially make you or others more sensitive as well. To cultivate peace and equanimity within this energy allows us to take the lessons and the gifts and walk with more power to the best version of ourselves and our lives.
❤️ The Movement Focus
Qigong can be described as a mind-body-spirit practice that opens the flow of energy in meridians (energy lines in the body) used in acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. It enhances our ability to feel the Life Force underlying the physical world and to deepen our communication with it.
There are thousands of qigong styles, schools, traditions, forms, and lineages, each with practical applications and different theories about Qi (“subtle breath” or “vital energy”) and Gong (“skill cultivated through steady practice”).
Featuring gentle movements, deep breathing and meditation techniques, “Five Treasures Qigong” promotes the circulation of blood and Qi (vital energy) within the body. The practice is rejuvenating and renewing. Just a few minutes of “Five Treasures Qigong” practice evokes states of internal stillness, centering, balance and a feeling of well being. Qigong is also practiced to strengthen the internal organs and the immune system. You will be invited to stay in a comfortable range of motion, seated if necessary. The more you practice the greater the benefit.
Lie down and evolve. 
❤️ About Yoga Nidra
Traditional Yoga Nidra is a potent form of guided meditation that systematically relaxes the body and mind. So simple and scientifically studied.
It rejuvenates and liberates energy from deep within the cells of the body. It has the powerful potential to strengthen and expand consciousness and is used to support deep healing in the body. 45 minutes of yoga nidra is said to have the relaxation benefits of 3 hours sleep and is used therapeutically to treat stress, anxiety and support healing.
The practice of Yoga Nidra has been shown in peer reviewed scientific studies to-
✅ Improve back pain
✅ Fight Insomnia
✅ Relieve Rheumatoid Arthritis
✅ Relieve Tinnitus Stress
✅ Balance PMS Mood
✅ Increase dopamine levels
✅ Lower anxiety and depression symptoms
✅ Combat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
“Peace begins where expectations end.” #Buddha
❤️ About Kate McLeay
Kate has been a teacher in many forms her whole adult life. Starting as an early childhood then primary school teacher and went on the become an International School Principal, advisor and teacher trainer. She gave up her day job for her passion In wellness after years of study in yoga, meditation, mindfulness and holistic healing through massage and energy medicine. She has now led classes, retreats and workshops in wellness for over a decade. She loves to share her work to a diverse range of audiences - workplaces, Mihiroa Marae, hospitals, schools and prisons.. to you. She loves how the magic of simple wisdom equally reaches all who choose to walk this path. Read more @ www.katemcleay.com