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June Brain Boost Retreat - Own Room and Extra Night

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June 2020 – Brain Boost

Friday 12th June to Sunday 14th June (add on option to arrive Thursday and depart Monday)

Brain Boost - 3 Day Luxury Wellness Retreat


Need to clear your head?  Spark up the synapses? Want to step out of brain drain and deeply nourish body and soul? 


It was once believed that brain cells only decline with age.  It’s now known that you can create new ones, at all ages, and elderly people may even generate a similar number of new brain cells as those in their youth. (ref - Cell Stem Cell April 5, 2018, Volume 22, Issue 4, P589-599.E5)


Discover how to use multiple tools to enhance brain health to invite in more clarity and ease to daily life.  Learn the markers from the sages of modern neuroscience around brain health alongside ancient teachings and herbal tonics to support this.  Over the retreat we will explore and practice 15 holistic science backed ways to rejuvenate the body and mind.  


You will experience a weekend of nourishing, truly delicious “brain food” - and learn how to integrate these into your diet. Enjoy twice daily supreme quality traditional Chinese tonic herbs 


  1. LIONS MANE, has been used for thousands of years by traditional herbalists to support the brain and nervous system, improve cognitive function and boost digestive health.
  2. ASHWAGANDHA, treasured for its ability to revitalise and rejuvenate for more than six thousand years. It helps down-regulate the body's stress response, promote restorative sleep, calm the mind and support healthy ageing. 
  3. REISHI, regarded by ancient herbalists as the ‘mushroom of immortality’, modern herbalists love reishi for its powerful adaptogenic qualities. Reishi is used to support the immune system, relieve stress, strengthen the spirit, calm the mind and promote peaceful sleep.


On your retreat you will enjoy nourishing daily yoga, qi gong, explore and practice multiple meditation techniques and a experience a deep rejuvenating practice called yoga nidra.  Learn how to work skilfully with difficult emotions and thoughts as well as powerful methods to help you respond rather than react and make wiser life choices - hence reducing the effects of stress.  There will be wellness and food talks, vibrant company to enjoy along with periods of silence to encourage reflection and mindfulness and free time to relax and make the most of our beautiful venue and surrounds.


One of the most powerful contributors to brain health is deep restful sleep along with the ability to adopt and harness restorative practices for energy management and stress reduction.  Over this weekend we will support you to do an assessment of your sleep and energy management and look at individual holistic ways to support deep restful restoration just for you. 


You’ll walk away with a new sense of inner peace and greater sense of meaning, purpose and wellbeing. You’ll take powerful tools and insights back into daily life so that you can live your life with a sense of ease, passion and peace.


The cost of the 3 day retreat for your own room is $1110.  Each additional night is $230.  All prices include GST.  Credit Card attract a 2.9% surcharge.   $1275.96