5 Proven Benefits of Reiki

What is Reiki Treatment?

Developed in the early 20th century by Mikao Usui, Reiki is the Japanese word for universal life energy. Reiki is a method of energy healing based on the use of therapeutic touch (or without touch, depending on the Reiki practitioner). Though it has been dismissed by many professionals for decades, as the notion of life force energy (the healing force behind the Reiki practice) is generally considered immeasurable and therefore medically irrelevant, research is now revealing something different.

Top 5 Proven & Powerful Reiki Benefits

Recent data from New York Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Campus shows conclusive evidence of the biological benefits of Reiki from lowered stress response, blood pressure, respiration, and heart rate. But Reiki healers and practitioners affirm that Reiki’s power lies in guided life force energy, which is transmitted to the patient through the healing power of the practitioner’s touch, and the results are nothing short of profound. Here are five powerful benefits of Reiki therapy:

1. Promotes emotional healing and spiritual growth

Reiki is becoming widely used in hospitals and clinics as an adjunct to traditional care and/or complementary medicine, as it promotes peace and well being in patients and curbs negative energy. Similar to a mindfulness meditation, Reiki supports emotional growth and calm in practitioners and patients; yielding increased mental clarity, capacity for love and empathy, and emotional well-being.

2. Relieves symptoms

Reiki does not claim a cure for illness, but it can offer relief from related chronic pain, fatigue, and depression. In a study published in the Integrative Cancer Therapy Journal, consecutive Reiki treatments in various cancer patients offered significant relief from anxiety, pain, and fatigue, and contributed to greater overall well-being.

3. Supports relaxation and stress relief

The energy, or biofield, healing method of Reiki is designed to trigger the body’s relaxation response, increase positive energy and reduce stress, which aids the immune system in fighting illness. The biofield is the scientific term for the subtle vibrational energy field that surrounds and interconnects with our physical bodies. Stress contributes to many illnesses, and stress reduction and relaxation are proven benefits of Reiki treatments.

4. Provides relief from chronic pain, anxiety, and depression

Research shows that Reiki helps support mental health, and reduces the symptoms of anxiety, depression, mood disturbances, and chronic pain.

5. Heals inflammation and infections

Due to its stress-relieving effect, Reiki can boost the immune system to more effectively heal and reduce infections and inflammation in the body. 

Part of the puzzle

Reiki is becoming increasingly integrated into traditional medical care as a powerful alternative medicine or therapy for healing and promoting well-being in patients. It is gentle, comforting, and non-traumatic, and is easily integrated into an overall wellness and lifestyle plan. Whether you are looking to improve mild health concerns, are searching for ways to reduce stress, or are grappling with more significant health challenges, Reiki treatment is a profound and effective method for healing on a multi-layered and holistic level: mind, body, and spirit.

Written by Carolyn de Lorenzo in www.cleanprogram.com 


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