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Cleansing programmes allow the body to rest and eliminate accumulated waste and toxins, usually achieved through restricted eating or fasting. Then the body is provided with nutrients to support elimination, restoration, and replenishment. Our guided Sage & Soul detox retreat in NZ can help you jumpstart a new lifestyle for improved physical, emotional, and mental health. The cleanse embraces organic plant-based foods (Plant Based Detox) or organic cold pressed juices (Juice Cleanse) in line with a mind body programme.  A total reboot to promote a more profound connection with your body's natural, intuitive intelligence for enhanced living and being.

Join a scheduled retreat or let us know your preferred dates and we will get back to you with availability.  The best you awaits.  


 💎 October 2024

5 Day Plant Based Detox 
Sunday 6 October to Friday 11 October 
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