Kate is a Hawkes Bay, NZ based Mindfulness Facilitator, Healer and Yoga Guide who revels in working with a diverse range of people from all walks of life.  People searching for clarity, growth, balance, peace, community, inspiration, healing, wellbeing, wonderment and wanting to integrate this into their everyday lives.

Awareness around the importance of mental health combined with physical wellness is increasing. To help achieve enhanced emotional, mental, and physical balance, my retreats on the North Island offer a chance for relaxation and rejuvenation. Here you can stop, breathe and find shelter from the often overwhelming demands of daily life. Instead, enjoy the benefits of a period of self-care, deep connection, and support. Experience the life-changing effects of healthy and guided movement, a seasonal cleansing diet, spa treatments, mindfulness, and meditation.

All retreats are situated in the beautiful Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.

All healings can be booked through Kate on 0212229372.

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“Kate is a wonderful teacher with a sincere warmth and depth to her teachings. Her yoga Nidra is pure bliss. I love working with her in collaborations and also attending as a student. She is an amazing woman.”  

Sarah Beale - Wellness Sanctuary

“I always look forward to attending Kate's classes. Kate provides a nurturing environment which allows me to be open to receiving the nourishment I need at that moment. I always leave feeling 'topped up' and affirmed. Thank you Kate for the loving way you share your skills and knowledge.”  


“Kate’s energy yoga always resets me, gets me back in balance and fills me with hope.” 

Alexandra Tylee - Pipi Cafe

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Kate has been my trusted healer for over 10 years, I walk in really out of sorts and walk out feeling completely myself again. Can't recommend her enough!

Keri M

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