About Me

Meditation & Yoga Guide, Healer, Workplace Mindfulness Consultant, Speaker and Coach

Kate is a Hawkes Bay, NZ based Mindfulness Facilitator, Healer and Yoga Guide who revels in working with a diverse range of people from all walks of life.  People searching for clarity, growth, balance, peace, community, inspiration, healing, wellbeing, wonderment and wanting to integrate this into their everyday lives.  She leads classes, retreats and trainings both in person and online and shares regular inspiration through social media as Mumma Soulfood. 


Kate was introduced to Yoga and Meditation as a child and after a range of diversity and challenges in her life these practices have become a cornerstone of her daily life that she diligently pursues and passionately shares.  Her joy is in human connection and supporting others to develop tools to tap into their own strength and inner wisdom allowing them to grow and thrive.  She has been an educator for her entire adult life and has lived and taught for extended periods of time in Australia, England, Uganda and now New Zealand.  She is committed to being a lifelong learner and ambassador of kindness in this diverse magical school called existence.