Yoga poses to Support Posture 

A gentle style of yoga under the supervision of a well-qualified, experienced teacher can be fabulous for posture.

  1. Constructive rest: Lie on your back, spine long and aligned, legs bent like two cards balancing. Place the soles of the feet on the floor about midway between your sitting bones and where the heels would be if your legs were straight. You can support the head with a low folded towel if you wish. Feel how gravity can work wonders on your posture.

  2. Legs up the wall: Similar to constructive rest; this time, with your legs up the wall or resting on a chair. To get legs up the wall, sit side-on to the wall and carefully roll on to your back while extending legs upward.

  3. Mountain Pose:  Stand with the feet hip width distance apart (about a fist distance between the balls of the feet).  Arrange the feet so the outside edges are parallel.  You may feel slightly pigeon toed.  Even balance your weight on an imaginary tripod base of each foot (Mound of big ten, joint of little toe and centre of heel). Have head placed so ears are in line with shoulders.  Shoulders above hips.  Taibone heavy and crown of head light.  


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