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Spirit Junkie Cards by Gabrielle Bernstein

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Introducing the Spirit Junkie Card Deck: Illuminate Your Spiritual Journey!✨

🌈 Unlock the power within with the Spirit Junkie New Colourful Card Deck by the NYT bestselling spiritual guru Gabrielle Bernstein. Based on her acclaimed Spirit Junkie book, this deck is a collection of 52 energetically charged cards featuring mesmerizing watercolor illustrations and empowering messages.

Travel pack size - 7.5cm x 11cm.

🌟 Key Features:

  • Energetic Guidance: Connect with divine wisdom through each card, offering inspiration and support to strengthen your spiritual journey.
  • Spirit Junkie Philosophy: Embrace the essence of a Spirit Junkie – someone who harnesses their unique gifts to spread positivity and be a force for good.
  • Empowering Messages: Release old fears, step into your power, and choose love as these cards guide and uplift you on your inspired life journey.

💖 Journey Highlights:

  • Self-Love Radiance: Shine brightly as you love and accept yourself, creating a ripple effect that encourages others to do the same.
  • Transformative Wisdom: Each message is a beacon of truth, reminding you that grace exists in every challenge, miracles are present in every moment, and you have everything within to shine.

🌌 Your Path to Illumination:
Let these cards supercharge you on the journey of honoring your inner light. Illuminate your world by releasing fears, embracing your power, and choosing love. The Spirit Junkie Card Deck – a energiser to a radiant and inspired life. ✨🌟


About the Author & Illustrator 

For 15+ years, Gabrielle Bernstein, a #1 NYT best-selling author, has transformed lives worldwide with books like The Universe Has Your Back and Super Attractor.  Gabby's impactful journey began with intimate conversations, evolving into sold-out global events. Co-hosting a Guinness World Record meditation with Deepak Chopra, she's a frequent expert on Today and Good Morning America. Engage with Gabby through books, podcasts, the Spirit Junkie app, and live events. Visit to explore her transformative offerings.

Micaela Ezra, an Australian illustrator and textile designer in NYC, is the visionary behind A H Y I N, crafting contemporary Judaica with holistic, spiritual intentions. 🌟