“Mumma Soulfood is exactly that.  Beautiful, nourishing food for your SOUL. Kate is such an experienced and encouraging yoga teacher with a beautiful ethos, combining a restorative blend of yoga and meditation in a truly loving manner. I always leave her classes feeling so peaceful, with a few less Apps open. So grateful that I found her.”  Lizzie


“Kate is a wonderful teacher with a sincere warmth and depth to her teachings. Her yoga Nidra is pure bliss. I love working with her in collaborations and also attending as a student. She is an amazing woman.”  Sarah Beale - Wellness Sanctuary


“Kate’s is so caring and her classes are so relaxing. I have always enjoyed meeting others in her class but especially the way Kate interacts and the way she makes me feel so energised.”  Barbara


“Every time I join one of Kate’s classes my day is enhanced. I feel energised, up lifted and calmer all at the same time. Kate’s Yoga Nidra helped me find peace at an incredibly hard time in my life. Kate is a wonderful, giving, beautiful person and I feel fortunate to have her and her teachings in my life.” Sascha


“Kate has been an inspirational find for me and never fails to deliver. I love Mumma Soulfood and her posts that always are so relevant and inspiring. Her yoga ... well I am starting to depend on my yoga Nidra sessions to nurture my body and mind and I feel enveloped in a cloak of love and support when I walk in the door. Thanks Kate you truly are amazing!”  Bronwyn


“I have CRPS. It is an extremely painful condition. It effects my whole body. One of the symptoms is that the brain “forgets” where parts of the body are. And therefore you tend to get more pain and more “issues” with that part of the body. When I first met Kate my brain had “forgotten” my left foot and leg. It was through doing Yoga Nidra weekly with Kate that I “ found” my foot again. And was able to use it more / better. I had less pain in that leg. It was through the process of doing yoga Nidra that my whole body pain actually improved for the time that I was doing the actual class. And my mental state was much improved for doing it, and also for the interaction with the lovely and compassionate Kate. I actually now incorporate yoga Nidra into my day. I can never thank Kate enough for bringing this into my life.”  Anne


“Kate always provides inspiration and a lift to my spirits just when I need it, as though she knows exactly what I need to hear at that very moment. A wonderful yoga teacher and a beautiful person.”  Susie


“Kate’s energy yoga always resets me, gets me back in balance and fills me with hope.” Alexandra Tylee (Pipi Cafe)