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MoonStone Egg - Healing Crystal

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Myanmar Moonstone

 Potent Talismans for Protection, Healing, & Manifestation
 Calms | Shields |Heals



  • Eases emotional turbulence and alleviates stress
  • Connects with the divine feminine energy, promoting intuition and spiritual growth
  • Assists in protection during travel and daily life, enhancing sleep quality and peace of mind
  • Acknowledged for aiding fertility and promoting a balanced reproductive system
  • Promotes emotional healing, soothing, and tranquillity, making it ideal for self-reflection and self improvement
  • Facilitates transformation and fosters self-love, aiding in personal growth and acceptance
  • Imparts strength, lucidity, and harmony to the spirit, enhancing decision-making and inner balance



Meditation and Prayer: Hold the moonstone in your palms during meditation or prayer to deepen your connection and enhance spiritual growth.

Sleep Aid: Place the moonstone under your pillow or on your bedside table to improve sleep quality and promote calming dreams.

Fertility Support: Carry the moonstone with you or place it in your bedroom to support fertility and a balanced reproductive system.

Emotional Healing: Hold the moonstone over your heart or carry it with you to soothe emotional turmoil and promote inner peace.

Protection: Carry the moonstone as a talisman to shield yourself from negative energies, especially during travel or challenging situations.


Each precious Myanmar Moonstone sphere is meticulously handcrafted from jagged pieces of raw moonstone fragments that are placed in a crate under a cascading waterfall to take shape.  They are then hand rolled on rock slabs with wet sand and banyan gum. This meticulous process is a cherished art form practiced by the hill tribe communities of Myanmar (formerly Burma).


For generations, these ancient hill tribes have venerated these crystals for their healing properties, utilising them to remedy ailments and diseases. Placed in cribs and bedrooms, these moonstones are believed to soothe, protect, and stand guard, especially for infants. The tribes have long held the belief that these moonstones ward off malevolent forces. They enhance their luminescence by exposing them to outdoor elements during thunderstorms and under the potent energy of the full moon.


Your precious moonstone crystal has undergone a thorough process of cleansing, blessings, and charging through a multi-step activation ritual.  Hold your moonstone in your hand of love in a space of all possibilities.  Programme your crystal by tuning into your heart and set your intention.  Know that you are appreciated and loved. 

Egg shaped stones are representative of new beginnings, the universe and every possibility contained within it. They bestow stability, strength, invigoration and peace.

Each stone is unique.  They vary between 4 and max 5 cms in length and are around 3 cm in width.  They each have unique markings - some internally and some external. 


For More Information on Moonstones & a moonstone meditation go to website blog!  

I see you and you are beautiful. 


Love Kate X

Affirmations for Myanmar Moonstone:

"I embrace serenity and divine healing. I am a beacon of emotional tranquility, shielded from negativity. My spirit aligns with the nurturing embrace of the divine feminine, guiding me towards intuition and wisdom. Each day, I am filled with the strength, clarity, and harmony bestowed upon me by this sacred talisman. I open myself to transformation, nurturing self-love, and embracing the beauty of my true essence. As I hold this moonstone, I am connected to its ancient energy, and I radiate light, love, and protection in my journey of growth and grace."