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MoonStone Egg - Healing Crystal

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Mystic Moonstone are made of jagged pieces of moonstone that are hand rolled on rock slabs with wet sand.

They are made by the hill tribe people of Myanmar (Burma) and it takes hours to form a single egg.

The tribes believe they are healing stones and use them to cure sickness and disease. They charge them by placing them outdoors in thunderstorms and the energy of the full moon. They are luminescent and in storms charge with the energy emitted from the lightening becoming illuminant in order to provide healing energy.

Sphere shaped stones are representative of new beginnings, the universe and every possibility contained within it. They bestow stability, strength, invigoration and peace.

Each stone has been cleansed, blessed, anointed and charged using an ancient 12 step traditional practice over 21 days.  This specific process includes the use of purified blessed water, white sage, sound, mantra, earth elements, moonlight, sunshine and prayer.

Each stone is unique.  They vary between 4 and max 5 cms in length and are around 3 cm in width.  They each have unique markings - some internally and some external. 

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