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Super Attractor Card Pack by Gabrielle Bernstein

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🌟 Welcome to the Super Attractor Card Pack – your companion and motivator to manifesting limitless abundance! 🌟

52 affirmations to help you start manifesting limitless abundance today.  Travel pack size - 7.5cm x 11cm.  

🌈 Unleash the power within you: Based on the inspirational writing of Gabrielle Bernstein and exquisitely illustrated by Micaela Ezra, these 52 affirmations will delight and ignite the power that is you as a magnet of miracles. 

Experience joy, grace, ease, and strength: Each watercolor illustration is a visual feast, accompanying an inspiring mantra to guide your journey towards abundance.

🔮 Manifest your dreams effortlessly: Shuffle the deck, pick a card, and trust the guidance it offers. Connect with the Universe, align with Spirit, and witness the miracles unfold.

🌌 Elevate your Super Attractor powers: Embrace this practice, live in the flow of wellbeing, and watch as your dreams turn into reality. Are you ready to step into a life of limitless possibilities? 🚀

Being a Super Attractor means that what you believe is what you receive. This 52-card deck will inspire you to live a life filled with joy, grace, ease, and strength, and start manifesting your dreams into reality.

About the Author Gabrielle Bernstein - Gabby

For 15+ years, Gabrielle Bernstein, a #1 NYT best-selling author, has transformed lives worldwide with books like The Universe Has Your Back and Super Attractor.  Gabby's impactful journey began with intimate conversations, evolving into sold-out global events. Co-hosting a Guinness World Record meditation with Deepak Chopra, she's a frequent expert on Today and Good Morning America. Engage with Gabby through books, podcasts, the Spirit Junkie app, and live events. Visit to explore her transformative offerings.

Micaela Ezra, an Australian illustrator and textile designer in NYC, is the visionary behind A H Y I N, crafting contemporary Judaica with holistic, spiritual intentions. 🌟

Review by Kate  -
There is so much to love about this card set.  I find the illustrations captivating and filled with deLIGHT and the words of inspiration uplifting.  I bought my first pack to use at my sound healing events and yoga classes and wellness retreats.  I have since gifted them to others.  I love how accessible they are and that they can be pondered briefly without a guidebook or delved into more deeply through journaling or discussion.  They are filled with joy.